KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals
KA104 – Adult education staff mobility
01/07/2017 – 30/06/2019

The “We’d Better Sport” Erasmus+ project is a collaboration between four partner organizations (Asd L’Orma from Italy, Sporten Klub Chempians Faktori from Bulgaria, Dorea Educational Institute WTF from Cyprus and Champions Factory Lld from the United Kingdom) and its goal is to improve the knowledge and competences of the staff, mainly in the field of sport as a tool for social inclusion, based on EU principles on good governance in sport. The participants of the project had the privilege to attend training courses (TC) in Spain, Cyprus, the United Kingdom and in Bulgaria. These training courses provided opportunity for a total of 20 youth workers to gain knowledge on management and networking, team sport, sport learning programs, new teaching methods and non-formal education (NFE) tools with a particular focus on approaches fostering social inclusion of disandvantaged targets (minority groups, people living with disabilities, refugees, children deprived of parental care) whose are the final beneficiaries of this program.

One of the products of the project is a handbook that collects exercises which were discussed or tested during the TCs. The aim of this handbook is to provide youth workers with activity ideas that can be used at anytime. There are exercises for every age group, simple warm-up games, ice-breakers, team activities that focus on cooperation, inclusion and teambuilding .



Champions Factory is an international non-governmental organization, bringing social change through innovations in education and sports. They focus on the following fields: non-formal education, sport, European projects management, transcontinental projects and mountain biking. It develops, designs, implements and reports EU projects (Erasmus+, European youth foundation, local foundations and programs) for various international partners. It develops and runs Capacity Building Projects (for example women empowerment through sport) with companies from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Champions Factory holds business etiquette events within its Champions Academy.


Champions Factory Ltd is an international non-governmental organization bringing social change through innovations in sports and education. Champions Factory works in the following fields: young people and youth workers, international network “learning through sport”, “Champions Academy” and adult learners. The organization is limited by guarantee company and based in London (UK), as it is a member of Champions Factory International Network with branches in Ireland and Bulgaria.


DOREA Educational Institute is a not for profit organization established in 2012 in Limassol, Cyprus offering training solutions for people in need as well as working professionals throughout Europe. DOREA is the largest training provider of ERASMUS+ courses in Cyprus, based in Limassol, and in the last 6 years alone DOREA has delivered more than 50 courses under LLP & Grundtvig IST (the predecessors of ERASMUS+) and about 200 courses around Europe (Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, France, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, United Kingdom) under ERASMUS+ programme.
DOREA is also open for collaboration in ERASMUS+ KA1 and KA2 projects and other programmes (e.g. H2020, INTERREG, Europe for citizens).


L’Orma is an educational agency that develops and offers sportive / expressive training experience based on non-formal education aimed at stimulating personal and professional growth of children, teenagers and adults. Its local activities include school laboratories, summer camps, trainings and it also participates in various EU projects such as collaborative partnerships, training courses, adult education, Erasmus Young Entrepreneur Program, EVS/ESC, pilot-project sport and strategic partnerships.


Team work as a means for enhancing productivity

Held between 19-24 February, 2018 in Cyprus

The TC was about discussing and learning different methodologies in order to boost the productivity of a team. The main topics were teamwork, personality, leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence.

Sport NFE Education for Social Inclusion In Bulgaria

Held between 22-27 February, 2018 in Bulgaria

During the TC the topics of sport, immigration and multiculturality were studied. To better understand the depth of the matters, case studied were presented:
a) Integration of migrants in and through sport in Vienna by Sport Inclusion Network.
b) The Roles of Sport and Education in Social Inclusion of Asylum Seekers and Refugees: An Evaluation of Policy and Practice in the UK Field.
A field visit to the football team Levski Sofi and a conference about the topic of women empowerment through sport also took place.

Sport learning programmes for disadvantaged targets

Held between 19 – 24 July 2018 in the United Kingdom

The activites held in London regarded sport and social inclusion with specific attention to disadvantaged targets. The hosting organization was Champions Factory Ltd. The training included theoretical and practical sessions, exchanging best practices, ideas and educational tools.

Management and networking in the field of sport

Held between 2-7 June, 2019 in Spain

The main topics were management in the field of sport and bullying. During the TC the participants dicussed new non-formal education techniques and methods, leadership, communication problems and active listening.